Thursday, March 21, 2013

Renegade by Amy Carol Reeves: A Review

Renegade by Amy Carol Reeves: A Review

I could not make it through this book fast enough.  That might sound like a good thing but I was actually looking forward to not having to read it anymore.  I loved the first book in the series, Ripper, and was really looking forward to this one but it was a major let down.  The character chemistry wasn’t there; the author seemed to be searching for the story herself.  It felt like she was just throwing things together and hoping it would make it work.  It did not.  I did feel sorry for the Lamia but felt that more could have been done with her.   There’s not much more I can say about this one other than, don’t waste your time.  2 stars if that.

Moonset by Scott Tracey: A Librarian’s Review

Moonset is a modern fantasy novel set in a universe similar to that of Harry Potter.  There are witches and wizards, but the normal humans aren’t allowed to know about them.  There are spells, spell books, and wizard/witch cops.  There are children who are somewhat revered because their families were murdered.  This time, the murdered family members may have deserved it.  Moonset is the name of a coven, or group of witches, that turned to the dark side years before and caused death and destruction on a huge scale in the world of the magic users.  Some of them had children who were innocent of their behavior.  These children are what the book is about.  They are still their own coven, these children and are wards of the state in a way, except the ‘state’ is that of the wizarding world.  These children are taught only rudimentary magic, things they can’t use to harm others, or defend themselves, and are basically watched their entire lives.   The only upside to this is they are given whatever they want within reason.  They have the clothes and material items they want, just not their freedom.  They are hated by most of those who knew their parents and left alone most places.  This brings out the worst in some of them and causes problems.  This time their move is deliberate, although they don’t know that until later.  A warlock that should have died with their parents has shown up again and is causing problems.  He is claiming that he only needs one of these children to unleash darkness over the world.    The authorities decide to use the children as bait, which of course doesn’t work well. 

Moonset was an interesting and quick read, but not really anything spectacular.  While it had a few original ideas, most of it has been done before, many times and better.  This would be an additional purchase for a public library.  3 stars tops.

Friday, March 1, 2013


I  wanted to remind everyone who reads my blog that most of the titles I review are found in my library at The Chattanooga Public Library, and probably also at your local library.  I'll bet that if you see a review that makes you really want to read the book, you can request it and your library will gladly get it for you.  We are making lots of changes in the library world today but don't worry we aren't going away!  Those hypocrites who say "libraries are dead" well they are talking about the old libraries, the ones that are only made of stuffy old books.  What they forget is that libraries, like people, evolve.  Libraries change to fit the needs of the public they serve.  So, next time you hear someone say "libraries are dead" just know that they are mistaken! Viva La Libraries!