Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Dead and Buried by Kim Harrington – A Review

The Dead and Buried is a great ghost story.  It begins with a new girl in town who has a little brother, a dad and a step-mom.  There are the usual whispers as Jade, the new girl, starts school but then the whispers get worse.  Jade finds out that one of the students that went to the school died in her house just a year before.   The girl, Kayla, was miss popularity at the local high school and rumor has it that she was murdered, in Jade’s house.  Colby, the little brother tells Jade he sees a girl around the house with long hair but everyone just thinks he’s seeing things that aren’t there.  Then Jade sees her to, and Kayla isn’t happy.  Kayla wants to know who killed her, and will stop at nothing to find out.  Was it the dark and brooding boyfriend?  The jealous ex-boyfriend?  Was it an accident?  Jade has to find out what happened and soon because Kayla has taken over Colby’s little body and is threatening to kill him if she doesn’t find out who murdered her. 

 This one is a nonstop thriller, and the mystery of who did it is great.  I didn’t figure it out until the end right before the big reveal.   The Dead and Buried is a fast read, partially because the reader never wants to stop reading.  The characters are very well done, very realistic.  The struggles between Jade and her step-mother, and the other students at the school are very realistic.  The ending is satisfying but a little sad.  A very spooky ghost story!

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