Saturday, March 24, 2012


Transcendence by C.J. Omololu
A librarian’s book review

Transcendence started out like a light chick-lit romance type read, but quickly became much more complicated. In Transcendence, the main character, Cole, finds that she has very strong deja vu and sometimes blacks out with flashbacks when she goes certain places. While on vacation with her family, Cole blacks out at the Tower of London and has an incredibly strong flashback where she sees herself beheaded. A guard is called to her aid and the guard’s son, Griffin, is given the duty of helping her to a cafĂ© to make sure she is alright. Griffin and Cole are immediately attracted to each other, but Cole doesn’t understand why. Eventually, this bomb shell is answered later in the book. Griffin lives in the same town as Cole and they continue to see each other after her vacation. Cole discovers that both she and Griffin are ‘Ahket’ which means they can see past lives they have lived and can remember them. Cole finds out that there are good and bad Ahket in the world and in one of her past lives she may have caused a rogue ahket to hate her. Cole is a strong character, but flawed, and Griffin is almost too good to be true. The characters in Transcendence were very well thought out and had great depth. I really enjoyed this book and had a hard time putting it down after the first few chapters . It’s a very quick read. There is a great mystery at the heart of the book and even though it is a little predictable, it is still a great read. Transcendence leaves you on a bit of a cliff-hanger to lead into the next book in the series. I’m curious to see where this one ends up. I will be ordering it for my library for sure.

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