Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Homework Help

So, I got a comment a few days back on one of my reviews from this kid who asked for my help. Now normally I'd be like oh yeah I'll help what do you need? Help researching something, help learning about something? No, he wanted me to explain to him exactly what a particular book was about, and the point of the book. Here's the exact comment: can u tell me the main proiblem in the book like whats the point of the book what do they need to do and what do they do i need the info for a book thin plz help. Now like I said, I don't mind helping with homework. But I will not do it for you. If you are searching and find one of my reviews only to ask me something that sounds like an assignment so you don't have to read the book, save your fingers. If you have read the book and want to discuss it then I'm more than willing to discuss it with you or help point out particular points. Happy Reading!

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