Saturday, December 5, 2009

Warning, Vent Inc!

So as I've said I'm a librarian in Chattanooga Tennessee and I know all of us librarians deal with the same things but it never fails to amaze me. I create book lists to help people find what they want. I just went through a book list that I've created and at least half the books have been stolen. We can't reorder them. We don't have enough money to waste more on books that people are going to come and steal again anyway. We can not help people create their own libraries from books they have stolen from our library. Yes it is Our library, yours and mine, if you live in Hamilton County. What these thieves don't get is they are stealing from themselves. They pay taxes, the taxes help us get the books. These people are so selfish, that they steal the books so no one else can read them. /rant off.


Dana said...

Man Della, this really burns me up. That totally sucks. Thievery sucks. Stealing BOOKS from the local free library? What could they be thinking? I'm sorry.

Della said...

I don't know what they do with them, probably sell them to a resale shop or something. We lose thousands of dollars a year on stolen books, and that's just counting the ones we know about.